Who I am

Welcome! My name is Francesca Marinangeli, was born in L'Aquila in 1973 and lived in Perugia.

I am Senior Doctor in Agricultural Sciences with 110 e praise, Philosphy Doctor in Applied Botany and Researcher of the National Council of Agricultural Research at the Forestry Research Centre in Arezzo (Italy); I am member of the Order of Doctors of Agronomy and Forestry of Perugia since 1999.

The passion for photography was born in 18 years, thanks to a gift: a reflex camera; during the course of studies and PhD I studied the collection of images aimed at ecological significance and importance of plant diversity of forms and biological adaptations. I realize educational  workout and work with schools with projects that have passionated the students and the parents to discover nature.

My current photo catalogue consists of thousands of images, including many foto of national awards since 1992.

My teachers were Maurizio Biancarelli, the "philosopher," Peter Lilja, the "poet" and Staffan Widstrand, "energetic" natural photography.

Artenatura nasce da un'idea di Francesca
Freddo polare e atmosfere
La luce migliore va colta sull'attimo



Botany, Nature and Landscape Researcher, acquired in a Public announcement in 2005, at Istituto Nazionale della Montagna, in Rome
Philosphy Doctor in BIO-03 Environmental and Applied Botany, in 2002, in Perugia
Member of Ordine Nazionale dei Dottori Agronomi e Forestali (Association of Agronomists and Foresters) since 1999, Perugia
Master Degree (MSc) in Agricultural Sciences, Thesis in Plant Pathology, Orientation course in Mountain Agriculture, in 1998, University of Perugia

Environmental and Applied Botany in general and in particular: Invasive and Allergenic species; Urban Forestry and Urban Greening; Biomonitoring; Planning, Flora and Vegetation Monitoring of Natural Areas and Agricultural; Grazing and Forestry systems; Geographical Information Systems

LIFE+ 2013 LIFE PRO FLORA C-APP (approved 9/8)
PON-Sit Calabria, teacher in REAM and TEAM courses, and professional participant
She has published more than 70 scientific papers and maps
Expert  in environmental teaching
Award winning as Nature Photographer since 1993 (www.artenaturafoto.it), member of AFNI (www.afni.org), Association of Nature Photographer of Italy.

Project Artenatura

Nature is a wonderful work of art and its creator’s secret

This project, I created in December 2011, it is designed to stimulate  love of the nature by bringing together the scientific expertise which I acquired over the years and my predisposition artistic family.

ArteNatura plays at various levels with popular science media iconography, which the foremost nature photography  leads immediately to the wonder and reflection about the natural world, agriculture and forestry.

The images produced are generally printed, mounted on panel and presented at solo exhibitions, associated with a "Pill of nature" related to the environment represented: a question, an invitation, a stimulus, an impression, a reflection of the importance of the environment; as a small pill to be taken in daily doses to stimulate the passion for nature!

The project is completed with the national trademark registration no. 0001504388 of 01.19.2012 at the Ministry of Economic Development.

The official logo is

I luoghi di origine (Abruzzo)
I Workout sono occasioni di conoscenza


They can be part of Team ArteNatura photographers, artists and collaborators . They share the intent of Decision founder.

Participate in the workout is an excellent opportunity to meet and have a internet gallery here for the best photographs.

Alla ricerca di specie artico-alpine con Maurizio Biancarelli


I want to thank Master Maurizio Biancarelli who taught me to listen to the silence of nature in silence.


I dedicate this work to my beloved sons  Emanuele, Giovanni and Maristella with the invitation to know more and more, and all those who listen to nature's being.