About me

The most important judgment from the public who visit my exhibitions: people from different cultural backgrounds, who enter into a relationship with the images and experience of the nature:

  • "Looking at the nature through the camera lens is an experience of great truth. Congratulations for the wise balance between personal passions and professional aspects which shine from images.“

    Maria Vittoria Valentini, an elementary school teacher; Eden 2011

  • "Interesting + inspiring"

    Walter and Michael Pickwell, England, Habitat 2012

  • "Congratulations! Perfection of Nature; very good ... to majora!"

    Cecilia Berioli, Umbria Ensemble, Habitat 2012

  • "Thanks to my dear friend Francesca who brought us with his art in a magical world full of lights, sensations, and unique colors!!"

    Francesco e AnnaMaria Berardi, Eden 2011

  • "Congratulation on your wonderful exhibition!"

    Wendy Bladestone, Habitat 2012

  • "It 'a fantastic exposure and natural beauty of central Italy. Congratulations and best wishes"

    Mario Falcinelli, professor of Genetic Improvement, Habitat 2012

  • " A moment of joy for the heart, mind and spirit. Thanks "

    Furio Panizzi, Abruzzo, 2014

  • "Nature is Mother, creator of life, sometimes sad, but loving. Francesca knows she sees in between the valleys and mountains’ strict, detail, flower, water, caterpillar, the geometry of the human. For her, nature is poetry"

    Salvatore e Giovanna Mazzitelli, Habitat 2012

  • "It 's great to discover nature through the eyes of Francesca, find colors, lights, flowers that the problems of everyday life have neglected"

    Salvatore e Giovanna Mazzitelli, Eden 2011

  • "Congratulations for finding very beautiful pictures, the aesthetic value is accompanied by a significant comment and teaching effectiveness, which very well illustrates the different environments, without being obnoxious. Good work!"

    Maristella Pitzalis, professor of Agrarian Ecology, Habitat 2012

  • "Beautiful! It seems to be there and just want to go there."

    Cecilia, Habitat 2012

  • " Of rare beauty "

    Giovanni, Habitat 2012

  • "Congratulations, is the reunification of the human’s eyes to nature!"

    Claudio Taddei, Habitat 2012

  • "Thanks dear Francesca to have brought your beautiful vision of the nature of our Abruzzo here to Fano Adriano "

    Marcella Cipriani, dear friend and collegue Dottore Agronomo and Domenico Di Marco Dottore Forestale, Teramo. Abruzzo, 2014.

  • "Thank you for sharing your work with us. These are beautiful and moving photos"

    Babe Marka, USA, Habitat 2012

  • " Thank you for believing, that walking and looking, you would have seen and met. Thanks for the gift "

    Fabrizio, Perugia. Habitat 2012


Excellent wildlife photographer, "provocative" love for nature.

ACLI Piedicolle, ACLI Provincial Perugia: June 24-5luglio 2014 XXXV edition, Maison Eva Fazi.


The gift received for the 7th and 8th prize is an Apple Tree "Tree of Goodness": ancient tree that gives good results to whom with care and love takes care of him. Melo finely pierced and engraved gilt ormolu, suspended in the light, it becomes a universal symbol of the goodness of whom gives fruit for the common good.

The winning photos are: Contrast; and Vineyards in autumn.

National Council of Doctors of Agronomy and Forestry.


Margin notes

I found Francesca only a few weeks ago; Chiara’s college of University, the memory of that thin face, attentive eyes and expression dodges, as jealous of her secret world, had moved away in time, confused by the many different young just like experiencing with children of different ages. I found myself as it was to show its first images captured which were easy to see the sacred feu that animated at maturity. Lights, camera angles, special technical highlight, the intelligence and inner strength with which fights for the Nature.

Age that we are living very difficult, especially in the human relationship with nature, age marked by the continuous recitation of the respect that we have , at the same time, also by the daily attacks.

We celebrated images of Francesca at MOO for the attention given to the relationship between man and vegetable world, to us as evidenced by the vineyards and olive groves by the two museums and the extensive documentation of the continuity in the history of 'human journey.

I really liked very much the  photography at years when I have widely practiced in the use of technical documentation and customs at museum: today I realize that I have unknowingly picked up the last fringes of a world whose ways of acting in the course of res agricolae thanks to its present-day myth that have become sacred gestures.

The color came after and the shots of Francesca attest to reach enter today. Wise wildlife photographer, in her panels the nature makes immediatly, and the nature of the Apennines, the four elements indicated by the landscapes - water, air, earth, fire - evoked by the power of reality and the suggestion of poetry, to grant disquisitions Renaissance, the 'enforcement of respect to nature is immediate.

The animal world, captured by looking attentive and far away the farmer intent to make the ducks floating happy, unaware of azzichi by deceitful man, birds in flight and the flowers are ready to welcome bees, soul superb scenery , arousing the deep love and the strong will of the defense. It is a great lesson in life that is in the intelligent synthesis of the panel aimed at both of children and adults as the most happy invitation to learn.

Brava Francesca!

Maria Grazia Marchetti Lungarotti